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GLOWbal Joy

GLOWbal Joy is a movement that anyone who wants to connect, spread joy and happiness in the world, can join.

How to Spread GLOWbal Joy

A GLOWbal Movement

We stand for the possibility that each one of us has the power to spread love and joy, and it is up to YOU to choose how you show up in the world. The people around you feel your energy, so make it positive!

Pay It Forward!

If you haven't been handed a GLOWbal Joy card by someone, you can still participate! 

1. Tell an innocent joke.

2. Give a hug.

3. Give a compliment.

Download Artwork - Print Your Own Cards

Click below to download printable artwork. Make your own GLOWbal Joy cards to create a ripple effect of joy in your own community. Then come back and read stories from all around the globe.

Our Mission and Vision

The Visionaries Rising Manifesto

  • People all over the world communicate from the heart, with neutrality, vulnerability, respect and curiosity
  • The norm in all negotiations is to start from curiosity and collaboration until all parties are in alignment 
  • People all over the world take personal responsibility for the results in their lives (relationally, ecologically, economically, etc.)
  • We are committed to healing the world 
  • We acknowledge that there is enough for all of us, so we must share
  • The WE generation has emerged and leads with humility
  • People cherish each other, even when their opinions differ 
  • We are committed to purposefully spreading joy in the world

Our Vision Statement

To spark a GLOWbal intervention transforming fear into love, rippling throughout our communities, and uniting humanity.

Start Your Own GLOWbal Joy Movement!

Click to download the print shop-ready artwork, send to your favorite local printer, and create your own local movement.

We recommend gathering in a group and starting in a central public location during the daytime.
Bring jokes with you if you're bad at remembering them! ;)

GLOWbal Joy Cards_3x5card_2sides (pdf)


Katie Macks and Get Your GLOW On!®

Katie's mural


2-Day Weekend GLOWshops

13-week Liberate Your GLOW programs

1-year Mastermind programs

Men's Workshops

Free informational events

Katie's Mission Statement

Get Your GLOW On engages and ignites growth-oriented individuals to live authentic and energy rich lives, claiming LIBERATION for all of humanity through love and connection.


My purpose is to inspire myself and others to GLOW – to Grow, to Love and be Loved, to be Open and Willing so that we honor ourselves, all of humanity and all living things, bringing light to darkness, causing a ripple effect of LIBERATION in the world.

As your coach, I’ll help you answer questions such as:

  • How do I find my inspiration again?
  • How do I align, once again with my core values?
  • How do I create relationships that are more fulfilling?
  • How do I create the same level of success in my relationships that I have in my professional life?
  • I’ve lost sight of my purpose, how do I find it at this stage of my life?
  • How do I break out of patterns that are holding me back?
  • How do I increase my energy so that I can live my life in alignment with what I say I want?
  • How do I honor myself in a way that allows me to create the results I dream of?

Find Out More About GLOWshops

Katie Macks & the GLOW Center Heartquarters

After 30 years in the human potential movement Katie has cracked the code for living an Extraordinary and Glow-full life. She has learned from, and trained with the masters, and has now developed tools, tactics, behaviors and practices that are not taught anywhere else. Katie’s secret sauce is her love and dedication to her clients. She creates a deep level of trust and journeys with them into their awakening, creating an accountable and liberated life where everything changes from ordinary to extraordinary.

The first GLOW Center opened its doors in Berkeley, CA on Saturday, July 1st, 2017. Our vision is that there are GLOW centers all over the world where people gather to create a conscious, loving, collaborative human race.

Share Your Story

Tell us about a positive ripple you created in the world by spreading joy.

Want to Start a GLOW Center in Your City?

Get Your GLOW On, LLC is the manifestation of Katie Macks, of Oakland, CA. GLOW Centers are a place where people gather to have life changing breakthroughs through developing relationship skills that foster cooperation, communication, deep connections and a  community of like-hearted souls who are committed to living life fully and contributing their unique gifts to the world.

Get Your GLOW On

734 Gilman St, Berkeley, California 94710, United States


By appointment only. 

Visit for upcoming workshops.


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The Founders

Bethjoy Borris

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Lynn Signorelli

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Tina Kopko

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